Monday, October 20, 2008

It's true...

Shocking but true... I'm finally a wife! Can you believe it?

Curtis & I "tied the knot" on October 4th. It doesn't feel any different to be a wife, but at the same time it does. Does that make any sense?
Everything went as well as it could... the weather was great, the dress fit like a glove, the hair looked nice, the girls looked gorgeous, the boys (especially Curtis) looked handsome, my dad didn't make me cry and everyone (well almost everyone) that we love were there.
Here are a few pictures that Carol took... I'll get some up from the photographer as soon as I get them.

Not sure what I was looking at but for whatever reason I love this pic... weren't the flowers pretty?

Lexi and Marlee getting ready to head down the isle
The almost Mr. & Mrs
Our cake... it was so yummy!
Finally Mr & Mrs Curtis Moore
Next to come in our lives.... BABIES!