Saturday, May 15, 2010


Holy cow it has been a busy week... nothing really time consuming, just a lot of firsts for my teeny tiny tot and being the great mother I am, I'm pretty sure I have each documented in photos. We'll see...

Tuesday the weather was amazing... and by amazing I mean HOT! So grandpa Clark and I took Kalyn to meet Marlee and Aunt Kelly for Kalyn's first trip to the beach. Kalyn got to put her feet in the bay for the first time and felt (& ate) sand for the first time.

Marlee, Kalyn and Aunt Kelly

The water was super cold, but she didn't seem to mind it on her feet

I'm calling Friday first official crawl. For a month and half or so Kalyn has been scooting in circles and going backwards on all fours and getting into a push-up position, but Friday we actually got forward movement on all fours!! She is still getting the hang of it, but between crawling and scooting she is getting some good distance. Time to baby proof!

Okay, I'm out of the running for mother of the year, this isn't actually her first crawl, but it still counts for something, right?

Friday night we went to Kalyn's first baseball game. (the beach bums won!) She was so good throughout the game, entertaining the people behind us, grabbing the people in front of us, and paying no attention at all to what was happening on the field, PLUS Marlee stayed awake the whole time which was a small miracle, so we decided to stay so Kalyn could see her first fireworks. The first one went off and she kind of jumped but once she saw the lights she was in total awe. She was such a trooper, staying up way past her bedtime, but still being her charming self the entire night!
Kalyn entertaining the crowd (see Mema laughing in the background)

On the dugout after the game

Kalyn watching the fireworks
Kalyn also went swimming in a pool for the first time (I just don't have pictures to post cause they're on my moms camera, but I did get at least one) It wasn't a big pool, just Marlee's little girl pool, but she still had lots of fun kicking and splashing and chewing on beach buckets! The water was pretty high so her balance was a little off.... the good news is I only dunked her once! Oops. When I first set her in I wasn't holding on to her and her little bum started to float up and over she went. I caught her before her entire face went under, but not in time to keep her face totally dry. She quickly got over it and I quickly realized that I was going to have to hold on to her the entire time.
Oh and another first that I almost forgot about, Kalyn started pulling herself up this weekend! She's getting so big, so fast and I'm totally not ready for it. Oh well, I guess I can't stop it or slow it down... ready or not here she comes!
Hope you all have a great Memorial Day!!