Monday, October 4, 2010

Were still here, just very busy

Today Curtis and I (& Kalyn too) celebrated our 2 year anniversary! Happy Anniversary babe, I look forward to many, many more!!

Moving on...
It's been a busy month or so. Just over a month ago Kalyn started walking... yikes! This has opened our eyes to a whole new world of scary!! She now insists on walking anywhere and everywhere, the only good thing about that is maybe I'll drop a couple pounds following her around all day! She is such a smart, sassy and funny little girl and I we are so blessed to have her in our lives! She is of course talking up a storm - like mother, like daughter...
"ta-ta" (I'm guilty for that one, sometimes we take baths together and she may have pinched me in a naughty place, so I told her "no" and explained to her what it was. oops, how was I supposed to know she would remember that word)
I'm sure there are some I'm forgetting, but you get the idea!
Anyway, September 25th we celebrated her 1st birthday (even though her birthday is actually the 26th) I was hoping for great weather, but didn't get it. Even still we had a wonderful party at the park. We had tons of fun with all our friends and family and Kalyn had a great time eating pizza, cake and opening presents. (Being the horrible mother I am, I didn't get many pictures, thank goodness for friends with cameras!) Here are a few pictures I did get.
Daddy giving Kalyn the cake!
A shot of a couple party-goers. Look how nicely those kids are lined up eating!
After food and gifts Kalyn conned someone into pushing her on the swing. She loves to swing!!
Kalyn and her friend Lennon cruising.
Kalyn's first birthday cake.
Even though the day was cold and windy, we had fun! What more could we ask for.
Since we have 2 birthdays so close together in September we celebrated Marlee's birthday the next day. After church we all took a much needed nap (from the day before) and headed out to a farm so Marlee and Lexi could go horseback riding for the first time. Papa wanted to buy Mar a pony for her birthday but didn't have a place to keep it, so this was the next best thing.
Kalyn riding with Marlee (Papa and the trainer helped)
Kalyn and Mar taking a break while Lexi rode

Although it wasn't as cold as Saturday, it was still chilly so Kalyn and Grandpa hung out where it was warmer and watched (that's my new van she's driving)

Lexi and Marlee had a blast riding Fierra - and we all loved watching them have fun.

The next day Kalyn and I went to her 1 yr appt. She got 5 shots (boo) but the doctor said she is a genius (maybe those were my words) & she got a sucker (yay)...
She is 19 lbs 8 oz and 28" long, so she's kinda small, but nothing they are concerned with. They asked all the normal questions about growth and development, did a quick exam and we went about our day.
Curtis' Aunts were here for a visit from Colorado and we wanted to do some sightseeing before they left Tuesday. So we went to breakfast after the appt. and then headed to Old Mission Lighthouse. The weather was great and we had so much fun. We walked along the beach and then went for a quick swing and ride down the slide before heading into the lighthouse. Before I get much further allow me to point out that I've lived in Traverse City for most of my childhood and my entire adult life and have never been to the lighthouse that is a mere 22 miles from my house. Sad, I know.
Anyway we all (except Aunt Marlena) climbed to the top to enjoy the view. (FYI - It's a very small lighthouse, so it wasn't much work) (also, I don't have any pictures of the view from the top, oops)

Kalyn and Mama swinging

Kalyn and daddy strolling along the beach

Little Miss heading to the top

All of us in front of the lighthouse

We left the lighthouse and headed to our next destination.

To Be Continued...