Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A very Merry Christmas indeed

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!
Ours this year was a little strange as we spent it in a hotel room.

Christmas eve we went to my mom's house for Christmas lunch, we all had a BLAST watching Marlee open her gifts. She was so excited to show everyone what Santa brought her (My mom wrote a letter to Santa and asked him to stop by her house early since Marlee wouldn't be there Christmas day) She got so many toys! We had a wonderful lunch and then headed to Curtis' mom's house so we could get the car loaded and head out to Wisconsin.

After 7 hours on the road we made it!

Curtis' sister moved to WI about 10 months ago and wasn't able to take the time off from work to come home, so we took Christmas to her. We stayed for 3 days and had a blast. Her boyfriend made us a FANTASTIC dinner and we all headed to the hotel to see what Santa brought for us. We opened gifts and watched a movie. Very relaxing and fun, but it was really strange and rather sad that my family wasn't there. This is the first Christmas in 25 years that I haven't seen my mom Christmas day.

Saturday we packed the car up and headed to Milwaukee to go to the Harley Davidson museum. Curtis & his step-dad both ride motorcycles so we thought it would be fun... we were right, it was so cool! There are close to 450 Harley's on display in the 130,000 sq ft museum. We saw the oldest known Harley from like 1903 (it was basically a peddle bike with a battery and very small motor, I'm not sure how it worked, but at least I can say that I saw it). We learned how they were made, what they have been used for over the years (police vehicles, delivery vehicles, post office vehicles, racing, military, leisure, pretty much everything). At the end there are 10 bikes that you can sit on to take pictures. I only sat on one as I'm not really a riding kind of girl, but it was fun to watch Curtis and Scott try them all. They have a restaurant, bar and gift shop on the grounds as well. It really was HUGE place and if I'm ever in Milwaukee again... I will go again. Even after 2 hours there, I know there was stuff I missed.

We spent about 2 hours there and then hopped in the car for the 7 hour ride home.

All and all I think everyone had a really good time.

We got home really late Saturday and when we got up Sunday, Curtis and I exchanged gifts with each other... not to brag or anything, but I must have been a REALLY good girl this year. Earrings, bracelet, watch, and some DS games from my dear husband!

I hope 2009 is a wonderful year for all of you, I know I'm looking forward to it!!