Monday, March 30, 2009

The Lion King

So I went to Lansing Thursday to see The Lion King Musical. YOU HAVE TO SEE IT!!
I wasn't exactly sure what to expect, but it was totally amazing! The music was great, the costumes were beautiful, the dancing was wonderful, and the stage props were incredible.
If I could go back every night and see it, I would. Even if I had to make the 3 hour trip daily, it would be worth it.
I wasn't able to take pictures there, which sucks, but I'll always have the memories. I am posting some pictures that I found online, apparently someone was allowed to take pictures. Enjoy... and if you have a chance, get yourself some tickets and go see it. You can even invite me, I'll go with you!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

The waiting game

Here is how the last couple weeks break down for me...
~ I've been feeling great, other than 2 days last week when I had some sciatic nerve issues, but with the help of my husband and chiropractor, I've gotten through them.
~ We got the crib and changing table put together. We could have left them in the box for another 6 months, but it was way more fun to see them put together. Every time I walk by the spare room/nursery it makes me smile to see them.
~ Curtis loves to touch my tummy (which I hate) This morning at 4:45 when I got up to go potty he touched my belly and said "11 weeks now, right?" I was too sleepy to tell him that tomorrow will be 11 weeks, close enough babe. He is going to be such a good daddy, I cannot wait until the day I get to see Curtis hold our son or daughter.
~ I pee ALL the time. I had a UTI a couple weeks ago which I thought was the reason that it was happening, but after a week of antibiotics I still tinkle constantly. Anyone else go through this so early in their pregnancy? I get up every hour to 2 hours at night to go. So annoying.

Okay, so Everyone keeps saying to me "enjoy your pregnancy, it goes by so fast" I think they're all full of crap... I feel like time is dragging on and on. I want to meet this little person inside me, but I can't for 29 more weeks, ugh.
The Dr. gave us a due date of Sept. 26th - when I count it back that would mean a conception date of January 4th, IMPOSSIBLE, I took a positive pregnancy test on January 10th. I think he's got my due date at least a week late, if not 2. Oh well, what can you do, I'm scared to death that I'm going to have to deliver a 10# baby because the doctor was wrong.
All I know is I'm so excited, but at this point all I can do is wait. Ugh.