Friday, February 27, 2009

Pregnancy, what a pain...

Pronunciation: \-a-ti-ka\
Function: noun
: pain along the course of a sciatic nerve especially in the back of the thigh ; broadly : pain in the lower back, buttocks, hips, or adjacent parts

What this means to me - PAIN, IN THE BUTT! Literally.

About 2 weeks ago we were at the in-laws house having dinner & I told Curtis that it felt like I had a charlie horse on my right "cheek". He didn't think much of it and I didn't either... I went on my merry way and didn't really think about it much. The next week I started noticing it again, it wasn't a horrible pain, just annoying.

Then Monday it got bad... REALLY BAD! Curtis was massaging my butt because it was really hurting me. He used the massager for about 5 minutes - when he was done I thought I would get up and walk it off... WRONG. I couldn't get off the bed, the pain in my butt was shooting down my leg... it hurt so bad I literally could not move. I tried to crawl off the bed and ended up face planting on my pillow. I laid in bed for about 5 minutes before calling my mom to ask her what to do. She said to put heat on it, then cold. I did, but it didn't help.

I couldn't walk - Curtis had to drag me. He put me in the bath-tub and then had to pull me out when I couldn't get out on my own. He basically carried me to the bathroom when I had to go.

I couldn't sit comfortably -

I couldn't stand comfortably -

I just had to stay pefectly still -

I couldn't do anything with this shooting pain. It was by far the worst pain I have ever experienced (I'm sure in 7 months I'll change my mind, but to date this was the worst)

The pain lasted about 4 hours and then started to go away. It was back to that charlie horse feeling in my cheek, I survived.

The next morning I got up and went to work, I felt fine until around 1:30 when it started to come back. I went home, laid down and tried not to move a muscle. This time it lasted about 3 hours and then started to feel better again.

I decided to call the Chiropractor & was able to go in Wednesday, she stretched my muscles back there and adjusted me - As of today I've been 2.5 days without an "episode" and am hoping it will stay that way.

Anyone ever dealt with this? If this is any indicator of the next 7 months of my pregnancy, I can assure you that the next baby I have will be adopted.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's a baby!

Curtis and I had our first ultrasound today! We are excited to share with the world that we are expecting baby numero uno!

We've known that I am pregnant for about 4 weeks, but wanted to get through this first appointment before spreading the news.

The appointment was super long... like 2.5 hours, but it was all worth it. We met with the nurse and went over all the pregnancy stuff. Then we went in to meet the doctor and have an ultrasound. He had an intern that he was working with so we had a small party in the u/s room. They put the machine in my "you know what" and went to town. We saw the baby (2 arms, 2 legs and a head, phew) saw and heard the heartbeat (which was 175 bpm) and even saw the baby move.

The baby is only about an inch long but can already move, so strange.

Since the intern was there they decided to have a look around so he could see some other stuff. They found ovaries, found the umbilical cord, saw the placenta, and some other stuff that they both found interesting, but didn't really mean anything to me. So then they kept probing around and found 3 more eggs (eggs that didn't fertilize) They looked like black balls. I didn't ask what happened to those eggs, but I should have. Do they just go away? Do I pass them? Where do they go? That was really weird, but fun to see. Most women don't get to see those things.

I had some blood drawn and we finally went our merry way!

What a miracle it was. I'm so glad that Curtis was able to take the day off from work, hearing our tiny baby's heart beat was AMAZING and I wouldn't have wanted him to miss it!!

So that's that, were going to parents and were so happy!

Oh... here's a picture of baby Moore. Cute huh?