Tuesday, May 12, 2009

21 1/2 weeks

Saturday marked the 21st week mark of my pregnancy... I'm more than halfway done! HOORAY!

We found out a couple weeks ago that we will be welcoming a baby girl into the world in September... I was really holding out for a boy and so was Curtis, but I'm sure a girl will be great! We havent settled on any names yet, but we've got 4 months to figure it out... no need to rush.

I am excited to get painting and putting together the nursery & will start next weekend with pink paint, once I get paint on the walls, I'll decide if I want to do a theme!

I've been feeling great, nothing too bad to complain about. My back hurts most of the time, but not too bad that I can't deal with it.

I've just started feeling some type of movement. I don't feel it everday so it was hard for me to determine what it was that I was actually feeling but I now know it's the baby! Such a strange sensation and so weird to think that there is a person moving inside of me. I love it!!

Nothing else too exciting right now. I'll post pictures of the room in the next couple of weeks.