Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Kalyn Turns 3

I cant even believe my little love is 3 already! Time really does fly.
September 26th started out with me waking her up. I had to work at 9:30, so when 9:00 rolled around  and she was still sleeping, I decided that I should wake her up so I could see her for a couple minutes before I left. I let her open one gift since it was her birthday - She got the Little Mermaid Disney figurines and loved them!! 

I went to work and Kalyn stayed home with grandpa. When Curtis and I got home we had dinner together and had birthday cupcakes! Kalyn got to open one more gift after dinner... she got a new Doc McStuffins toy and of course loved that too! We decided to go outside since it was such a beautiful day and let Kalyn ride in her jeep. She rode around the yard a little and then we decided to take a stroll around the block.
Kalyn was shocked when I told her she could drive it on the rode (she knows that shes not allowed to drive in the rode) I made sure she knew the rule was that if I told her to stop or she saw a car that meant STOP! And stop she did every time she was supposed to!

The next morning was her 3 year check-up. They wanted a urine sample so she had to pee in a bowl, I was a little worried that she wouldn't do it for me, but she did! She wanted to carry it to the car (which I said no to) She wanted to hold it in the car (which I again said no to) She wanted to carry it inside the office (again it was a no) and finally when the nurse was ready to take it, she wanted to go with her to test it (this time the nurse was the one to say no) Basically my kid is very protective of her pee :) 
They pricked her thumb and drew some blood and she didn't even flinch. They asked all the required questions, did a physical exam and when they were done, Doc said she's doing very well.
Weight: 29.1 lbs (30th percentile)
Height: 36 1/8" (30th percentile)
Overall shes perfect and we wouldn't change her for the world!

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